BIB Radio: Foreign Exchange Programs and Becoming A Notary

Join us for an episode of Blacks In Business where we will talk about the opportunity and becoming a foreign exchange parent through a community college or other organizations. In the second hour, we will be joined by Sista Alexis, the owner of a successful notary business.
Alexis Callier is a Notary Signing Agent, Mobile Notary & Notary Mentor. She is launching a school in June 2018 called The Notary Wellness Mentor Online School which you can learn more information at This school is an informative blueprint to a successful notary business. You’ll learn your state’s requirements, how to get started today and how to secure your first signing. You can also expect A 50 state guide to launch in the same week! Providing you with tools and techniques to a successful notary career.
My Notary Business name is: Divine Notary
The school’s name is: Notary Wellness Mentor
The Guides name is: I’m a Notary… what’s your super power?
Alexis Callier (Cal-yer)
(845) 656- 6271
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 — with Sistah Alexis Carter.

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