The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Ruby Lathon: Plant-Based Eating to Counter-Racism

Tuesday, February 12th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Dr. Ruby Lathon. A certified holistic nutritionist, wellness coach and an advocate for the life-saving benefits of plant-based nutrition, Gus first heard of Dr. Lathon in the documentary film “What The Health?” In the film she shares her own health struggles with cancer, and how switching to a vegan diet replenished her well-being and vitality. She also talked about how sharing this information with her other black family members could have saved or extended their lives. We’ll address many of the obstacles that keep prohibit black people from eating well. We’ll discuss recipes and ways of transitioning away from meat and dairy, and how eating a planet-based diet combats White Supremacy.



The C.O.W.S. Radio Program is specifically engineered for black & non-white listeners – Victims of White Supremacy. The purpose of this program is to provide Victims of White Supremacy with constructive information and suggestions on how to counter Racist Woman & Racist Man.

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