April 6th 2019

Todays Topic: Why We Can’t Talk About Race.

We literally CAN talk about race but if you try to discuss racism with people of a ‘different ethnicity’ than your own you are likely to encounter some serious friction. This podcast will outline some of the obstacles to awakening the sleeping masses. Maybe armed with this information we can formulate better strategies towards more effective communication.

  1. Ignorance – the media & history
  2. Genetics – we pass down traits: eye color, height, etc but also fear & guilt
  3. Cognitive dissonance
  4. Agendas – if you are a police or rape victims advocate then all you support is rape “victims” & don’t see any other injustices
  5. Ego – ppl need to know what they are talking about otherwise they get embarrassed and angry as if their self esteem is attached to being right which leads to major closed mindedness
  6. Personal experience – well I’ve never seen it so it cant be true (but you live in a bubble)
  7. Personal experience part 2 – a black person did something to you & therefore black ppl are the devil or as a white person you have received injustice therefore the playing field can’t be skewed

BONUS: Sensitivity & poor communication skills.

Hosted by: “Opinion8d”

Let’s discuss.

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