What’s Killing Our Communities


In order to fix something you have to first know what’s wrong with it…

  1. Music – we are literally being programmed but not just us our children thru the bullshit they call music – SOLUTION – don’t buy any products advertised on the stations that play that shit. Same for television – if you watch a movie that has 99% white people in it – turn it off & don’t buy products advertised on that station/media outlet
  2. Money – understand that every dollar you spend is powerful. Don’t shop with shitty people that treat you bad. Shop with people that look like you to build up our power as a group. Stop believing the BS that our stuff is lesser quality or costs too much – you’ll spend whatever you have to get what you want.
  3. Money (part 2) don’t buy new cars – you get caught in the credit trap higher interest rates etc.… buy used own your car save money and stop letting people rob you of your power.
  4. Money (part 3) Bank black – in fact if you ever hear of any company that isn’t treating any black person with respect – immediately sever your economic ties with them asap
  5. Stop being selfish – don’t wait until someone does something to you to start caring about it. If one of us is mistreated, we are all mistreated.
  6. Love – this is the most important because it is the foundation that makes all the others work. Love your self then extend that love outward. Say hello to people especially those you don’t know. Help old ladies. Teach little kids.
  7. Church – maybe you should demand that your church do more for the community – hold them accountable. How much cash are they raking in & where is it going? If they aren’t helping you (and by you, I mean us) then maybe they aren’t really on our side.
  8. Education – this goes beyond school, learn stuff so you can break the cognitive dissonance & learn how to talk to our lost sleeping families

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