Sex Esteem & Generational Intelligence


Today I am talking about Sex Esteem which is a phrase that I coined (patent pending j/k). Sex Esteem  refers to a person’s sense of value being not just associated with, but dependent upon their ability to be sexy. By sexy I mean dressing in provocative attire, etc. I’m discussing why this is potentially a bad thing.

I’m also talking about Generational Intelligence which another of my clever made up phrases & this means that each generation builds upon the wisdom, experience & knowledge of the previous generations as opposed to disregarding the elders’ messages and lessons and simply beginning again from scratch.

My Talk Points:

  1. You need to look a certain way to feel worthy
  2. You get attention – you need attention
  3. Desirable but not marketable for marriage (except to fools or cheaters)
  4. Maturity & Faith are the cures (along with self-love)
  5. We need more teachers* teach self-love, redefine beauty, fun, good relationships
  6. Honor the elders, build on their knowledge to create vast wisdom or generational intelligence
  7. Gen intelligence creates life styles and approaches that move civilizations & cultures forward vs repeating the same mistakes & learning the same old lessons


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