What’s Wrong with the Pledge of Allegiance?


The Pledge of Allegiance is a subject the raises eyebrows and tempers. Some folks say, ‘you better stand up & say that pledge’ while others say, ‘nope I’m not doing it’. Who is right, who is wrong, Is anybody right or wrong? Of course, they are. I’ll tell you why.

Talk Points

  1. The pledge is a song and people have assigned meaning to it, just like people have assigned meaning to the cross. But it’s still just a song.
  2. People believe that not saying the pledge means you don’t love this country, nor do you support the troops.
  3. The roots or little-known meanings behind the pledge.
  4. Citizens are free, but just how free?
  5. A matter of Respect.
  6. Nationalism & religion two taboo subjects
  7. Mind control thru pollution, vaccines, television, ufo’s
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