Nipsy Hustle, Crabs in a barrel & Psychological Warfare


Three seemingly unrelated topics but are they really? Take a listen.

Nipsy hustle American rapper, entrepreneur & all around good guy doing things to help his ppl.. like many he was glorified & crucified. Solution live clean & don’t be so big that movements stop without you. But we are up against many obstacles.

Crabs in a barrel – defined in urban dictionary as: ‘When harvesting crab, the crab as a group will pull down any crab that starts to climb out of the barrel in an attempt to be the first out of the barrel that holds them.’ Wikipedia defines it as: ‘…a way of thinking best described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you”. The metaphor refers to a pattern of behavior noted in crabs when they are trapped in a bucket.’

Psychological warfare possibly stemming back to the days of Willie Lynch – taken to the next level with fluoride, chem trails, pollution, vaccines, television…. Maybe the hidden message is self-hate and self-destruction.

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