White Privilege, Word Spells & Double Agents


What if the wolf wore sheep’s clothing? What if everything wasn’t as it seemed to be on the surface?

Think about the case where an undercover cop was hiding among peaceful protestors causing chaos. Think about how so many black ppl are gunned down in the inner cities by other black ppl, what if they were just ppl wearing disguises that weren’t even black after all. The point is sometimes you have to question things. Lately ive found myself wondering why certain very real black ppl truths have not been gaining the expected traction among non whites and have in fact gotten the opposite results. For example take black lives matter. That seems to be a fair enough statement and you’d be hard pressed to find a level headed non black American who would say that black lives or any human life doesn’t matter BUT the movement has gained socially acceptable opposition in the form of white lives matter too, blue lives matter, etc. but why is the question & I think the answer is marketing.

This country thrives on marketing you can sell toxic horse meat burgers to ppl if the ads are right & cant give away healthy food if the ads are wrong.

So lets take black lives matter the name & examine it. While the meaning of the name is clear & well meaning in the minds of many people, for others The name could easily be seen to imply that some other life does not matter.

This is important because of marketing. Successful marketing involves knowing your market and your competition. If you are selling this to a non black market then you have to take into consideration their mind-set which based on programming could include sensitivity, lack of awareness and fear. In terms of knowing your competition you have to consider that you are going up against forces whose goal is to prevent your message from being received, because its to the advantage in terms of forwarding their agenda.

With this in mind would it have been better from a strictly marketing stand point to name the movement “All Americans Matter”? or “Respect All Life”? maybe – maybe not. Maybe the powers that be would have simply found a way to vilify or dehumanize that movement as well.

The same can be said for the current “white privilege” trending topic of discussion. While on the one hand it paints a clear picture on the other hand it can be said to imply that every white person has some sort of advantage while isn’t true. I believe that using such a label easily sets the stage for misunderstanding and can create more division than unity. Would a label like “color disadvantage” have made a difference in effectively expressing a point to its target audience?

Or maybe I’m wrong & these were battle cries and movements strictly designed by black ppl for black ppl with no intention of connecting and gaining traction across color lines.

P.S. What if this ‘bad marketing’ was done intentionally by those forces that are opposed to these movement?

Food for thought. Let’s discuss.

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