African Americans Are Not Native American Indians – You Are African

Are Black Americans The Real Native Americans? Apparently, African Americans Are Not From Africa…According To A Few. Please watch this video all the way through, I hope this video answers some questions and helps educate you a little more on this topic.

The videos mentioned are below:
“Why The Aboriginal Americans think They Are Native To America Explained & Debunked”

“Your Grandmother was not a native american.. She was enslaved by them”

“Questioning The Out Of Africa Theory & Pangea & Lucia”

“How Africa Got It’s Name”

“Where Are The Slave Ships”

“How The Caucasian Race Was Created”

“Are Black Hebrew Israelites African”

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This is a response to a video by Dane Calloway called Untold Truth About African Americans – You Are Not From Africa
And Untold History Of The Aborigines Of America – African Americans Are Indigenous To America Not Africa

Point of References:
Ties between native Americans and Australian Aboriginals via Smithsonian Magazine, Time, Huffington post, UCL website.
“They Came Before Columbus” By Ivan van Sertima
Historical excerpts from Garikai Chengu Global Research Article regarding Olmecs

6 Replies to “African Americans Are Not Native American Indians – You Are African”

  1. Africans is the original man, we are the original Egyptians original Arabs original Indians both natives and India country, We are the original asians, we are the original people all around the world. Jealousy want get you people no where.

    1. But they ain’t talking about when modern man migrated out of Africa, they talk about the different groups of people that exist today. Clearly, Europeans and Africans ain’t the same phenotype, neither are Africans and Asians so what you talking about, this original man has nothing to do with what these people talking about on this video. And why would he be jealous of people denying their African roots and talking about them some Copper Colored Aborigines or some Indigenous people all to claim that Black people in the USA, aka African Americans in large numbers were not enslaved and imported by way of ships. You sound like you the one hating that someone is shining a light on this fraudulent movement of a very few confused Black people.

      1. Can you please send me more info and evidence. Personally, I see the “African” in me but have yet to identify where in Africa my ancestors were. I am waiting for test to return but I also would like historical evidence as well.

        1. The person who created this video has several other videos posted in the description. If you want to know detailed information as it relates to your own genetic tree, I recommend getting a DNA ancestry test. Have a blessed day.

    2. Man bye native americans came from Asians you fool and none of the other cultures are the same as west Africans they been evolved and Egyptians were African so leave them out but it still don’t mean you were related to them directly yo ass west or cemtral African

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