The C.O.W.S. Neutralizing Workplace Racism 01/31/20

Friday, January 31st 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy hosts our Friday weekly caucus on neutralizing Workplace Racism. This broadcast is specifically crafted to improve non-white people’s problem-solving skills and refine how black people think, speak, act and control emotions while at work. Any listeners who’ve designed a code to minimize conflicts with White and/or non-white co-workers, steer clear of demotions, write-ups, terminations or other forms of violence we experience under Racist work conditions should be first to call in with particulars. We always appreciate the chance to learn about the experiences of “black entrepreneurs.” Please, share with us how being “self employed” makes your work experience better. We had a listener ask if he should change his non-white sounding name in order to secure more job opportunities. We’ll ask for suggestions. Also, Gus T., certified yoga instructor, was fired from his teaching position at Aya Yoga Oasis. The Suspected White Supremacist owner, Carrie Johnson, listened to our interview with Michelle Cassandra Johnson, and terminated Gus’s services. Talking about White Supremacy can be hazardous. Thankfully, Gus’s résumé is up to date.

**Details for The C.O.W.S. 2020 Counter-Racist Yoga Retreat: TORONTO**



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CALL IN NUMBER: 641.715.3640 CODE 564943#

The C.O.W.S. Radio Program is specifically engineered for black & non-white listeners – Victims of White Supremacy. The purpose of this program is to provide Victims of White Supremacy with constructive information and suggestions on how to counter Racist Woman & Racist Man.


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