Men, Money & Food

MMF Clarity Hotline: Wanted – 98 Women For The MMF Challenge!

Blocking Inherited Disbelief

Inheritances are not limited to skin, eye and hair color, but also include thoughts, behaviors, and actions. MMF invites you to start your own minimally invasive surgery with a knife that cuts away the thoughts that got you to being single, broke and/or overweight!

White Jobs/Black Communities

Despite increasing education in minority communities, the last half-hour of our show will explore the continued proliferation of well-paying jobs in minority communities being held by outsiders.

Men, Money & Food defies easy categorization…its novel, how-to manual, memoir, and a scorekeeping tool in its natural form. These conversation snippets turn simple dialogue into verbal marathons with listeners holding on to find out how to finish being his/her best self. “MMF” uses research tools and formulas to replace the casual comment!

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