Men, Money & Food

Men, Money, Food: Meanings of “X”, Eating Whatever Whenever, Black US History


The Many Meanings of “X”

“MMF – The Clarity Hotline” explores Rihanna’s “Savage X Fenty Show” against the idea of the “Rockettes” of the past. We examine how Rihanna’s wild imagination leads the cultural shift now embracing women traditionally left out of mainstream dancing exhibitions.

Eating Whatever and Whenever – Pro-choice vs. Portion Control

“MMF – The Clarity Hotline” probes food choices and how the outcome is linked to income. What do Beyoncé and Rihanna eat and what that means for the rest of us?

The First Woman to Start a Bank in the United States was Black!

Maggie L. Walker started a newspaper. She was the country’s first woman to found a bank. She was a humanitarian, a teacher, an icon of her community in 1920s Richmond. Why hasn’t this been done since?

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