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MMF Clarity HotLine: Lies America Tells About Fathers Meets Lies We All Tell About Money

(Part 2) Bill Gates is said to have created one million millionaires while Oprah builds a school in South Africa?

“MMF – The Clarity Hotline” talks about the phenomena of ways African Americans have been forced to the financial starting lines for multiple generations. What is the true definition of terms like “middle-class” and in what mathematical formula is $50,000 the middle of a million dollars in this episode of “Lies We all tell about Money”.

(Part 2) Child Support functioning like a Cartel – and how it is designed to help “State Treasuries” forgetting the women and the children!

“MMF – The Clarity Hotline” asks questions about the modern-day child support systems and starts a miniseries report explaining all of the ways that the system fits the definition of a “Cartel”. The guest speaker is historian/writer David Dixon.

Breaking News: Harvard University quietly closes on Monday 3-9-2020 further telling students to take everything with them. As home to more US and World Leaders than any institution in the country, should HBCU’s follow this silent trend immediately!

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