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MMF Clarity Hotline: Staying Home During Covid 19 Pandemic & Romney Wants US Gov To Write A Check!

Coronavirus: Mitt Romney Calls for $1,000 dollars Basic Income for every American. Was Andrew Yang right all the time?

“MMF – The Clarity Hotline” agrees with Andrew Yang that every American could use this money every month and ask if the “Coronavirus” deposits can bring a permanent good. While some permanent change comes with every American tragedy “MMF” asks if this virus turns all of us emotionally towards fair financial distributions.

​No Schedule – America learns time lessons!

“MMF – The Clarity Hotline” uses downtime to get better. Laura and Gerri talk about how “unscheduled” time off can be used for your greater good. Clean the oven, find out what is under the bed and make your refrigerator a work of art. Marry the paintbrush to your wall and teach your own children. Create something, a poem, a play, a meal or even a song. Some of the most productive people in our society are not bound to schedules – create your own!

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