Ty Nichols Shares Legitimate African Investment Opportunities in Land, Rental Property & Homes

Ty Nichols joins Ms. Sisi The Real InfoPreneur podcast to discuss investments in land, rental property, homes for those interested in doing business on the African continent in several nations. Maybe you thought about moving to Africa and don’t know how to buy property, then you should definitely hear what Mr. Ty Nichols has to say. 10 years ago he purchased an empty plot of land in Africa for $500 and that investment is worth $50,000 today! The process gave him an idea on starting an investment company dealing with land and property in Africa. You and your friends can apply for free round trip airfare and possible hotel accommodation to go to African to check out the opportunity that awaits.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Africa Investment Guide (AfricaInvestmentGuide.com) is an Africa-focused real estate investment, management and travel planning company with a track record of 10+ years, 130 U.S. and international investors, and a clear mission: to help new investors on a budget increase their wealth.

With a minimum investment of $100 monthly made online, American investors can join their Beginner Investment Group and can access a portfolio of quality, private commercial African real estate that’s vetted and managed by Africa Investment Guide. They can also earn an interest rate more than 4 times what most US banks offer!

All new investors are offered a free round trip vacation to Africa when they sign up for the Beginner Investment Group after one year of membership. However, they must first sign a two year contract to be eligible. For complete details, visit: www.africainvestmentguide.com/specials-1.html

Africa Investment Guide’s Investment Committee has a track record of understanding the African real estate market and identifying investment opportunities. For a list of their business opportunities and services, visit www.africainvestmentguide.com/africa-business-opportunities.html

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