Ms. SiSi: “Women Of Color In Tech” w/ Author & Technologist Susanne Tedrick

In this episode of Ms.Sisi The Real InfoPreneur, Ms. SiSi speaks with Susanne Tedrick who is a technologist who decided to change careers and go into the field of technology in her 30s and recently authored the book “Women Of Color In Tech”. Tedrick discusses her first experience with technology when she and her dad decided to attempt a repair of a television set and much later in life decided to start a career in technology. There are challenges for Black women and other women of color in the technology field but she encourages anyone interested in tech to pursue it professionally and to overcome those challenges.

Susanne Tedrick
Susanne Tedrick

My hope for the book is that it will help inform women of color of the multitude of tech careers out there (not just coding), how to get them and how to stay in them, given the unique challenges that we face. (info here).

I’m incredibly passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and volunteer my time to help get women and people of color in tech careers. Towards that end, I currently serve as a career mentor for both the Pathways in Technology Early College (P-Tech) High School Brooklyn and the Partnership for Student Advancement, and as a volunteer workshop technical assistant for Black Girls Code.

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