Ms. SiSi: Quinn Conyers Says You Can Earn Revenue From Public Speaking Online!

In this episode of Ms. Sisi The Real InfoPreneur, M. SiSi speaks with Quinn Conyers who is a speaking coach for entrepreneurs and says that even during a pandemic where people are prohibited from gathering in large numbers, you can still earn public speaking revenue online.

Quinn Conyers, a public speaking coach for entrepreneurs, is training Black women in business how to pivot to an online platform and continue profiting from public speaking during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the current reality of many speakers who’ve had speaking engagements canceled, and corporate training events postponed. However, Quinn says that speakers can still give their voice a platform on ‘virtual’ stages.

She comments, “Being able to pivot to an online platform may sound good, but how do you truly adjust? When you live, breathe, and are energized by the sight, sound, and taste of speaking in front of a LIVE audience, this can be a challenge.”

Quinn shares the following three simple strategies that speakers can use during these turbulent times:

1. Master your Virtual Business Card.

2. Shoot pre-recorded videos and go LIVE on social media, standing up.

3. Offer complimentary training sessions to organizations that booked you.

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