Ms. Sisi: Lawsuit Against Facebook Alleges Violation of Equal Pay Act

In this episode of Ms. Sisi The Real Infopreneur, Ms. SiSi speaks with Anastasia Boone and Attorney Tiega-Noel Varlack about a recent lawsuit filed against Facebook alleging that the company violated the Equal Pay Act.

Anastasia Boone Talton a Senior Talent acquisition consultant hailing from Atlanta Georgia was specifically recruited by Facebook to diversify their talent pool and bring Facebook into alignment with the policy of inclusion it showed to the world Talton filed her case in the Superior Court of California alleging that she was shunned from actually hiring diverse talent and was not paid the same salary as her male coworkers. When she complained to management that Facebook was not following its own policy on hiring diverse talent, she was excluded from Facebook events, meetings, and diversity planning which allowed them to continue to circumvent their written policies on hiring diverse candidates. The case is stylized Talton v. Facebook. The first court date is scheduled for July 2020. Ms. Talton is represented by VLS and can be reached through counsel.

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