Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel

Ms. Sisi: Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel Discusses Black Empowerment Through Health Awareness & Education

In this episode of Ms. SiSi The Real InfoPreneur, Ms. SiSi speaks with Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel about empowerment through health awareness and education to overcome the obstacles placed in one’s path.

Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel is a health expert and enthusiast, body positivity/self-love advocate, and bariatric (weight-loss surgeon) with a passion to empower the Black community through health awareness and education. This board-certified surgeon embraces the philosophy “good health is our greatest asset, and the foundation of our potential”. After graduating from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and earning her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine, she completed her residency in general surgery from Howard University Hospital. She is currently the medical director for a Bariatric surgery program in Atlanta.

For 15 years she has a front-row seat to health care disparity, lack of basic health awareness, and suboptimal health in minority communities. Witnessing the detrimental effects these factors have had on the Black community fueled her to turn her frustrations into promoting a movement to change the current narrative. She is the co-founder of ProBlk Health, a vitamin company she started with her husband Darian McDaniel in 2019.

ProBlk Health’s mission is to literally promote the health of Black people. With more than 90% of people of color being deficient in at least one vitamin, ProBlk Health offers 10 varieties of vitamins and supplements, with 50% of the profits going back to non-profits that specifically target health and healing in the Black community.

She balances her family, hospital work, and military service (Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves with two tours of duty under her belt), while immersing her optimistic and spirited attitude toward life in all that she does. Dr. Karleena has been a panelist speaker on health and wellness stages at Essencefest, and frequently speaks at various events on health, wellness, self-worth, and entrepreneurship.

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