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Intentional Talk Radio Network! We are taking control of the media narrative in our community! Live programming schedule for the week starting on Tuesday,

Change Matters
5:00-7:00 PST

This week’s guest: LAPD Officer  Stinson Brown.

Stinson Brown was born May 4, 1960, in Lansing Michigan.  He was the son a fifteen-year-old mother, who due to her lack of support and resources gave him up for adoption as an infant to Mr. Joseph and Eva Brown.  He was raised by both parents until he graduated from high school.  While being raised he had contact with his siblings; Calvin, Carolyn (twins), Ella Mae, and Levin Alston who is the youngest.  They often would stay the summers at his home to get a break from the dysfunctional lifestyle that their mother lived. At the age of 24, he lost his brother Calvin to a massive heart attack caused by narcotic abuse and health-related issues on November 3, 1986.

On January 5, 1987, Stinson Brown stood on the black line at Elysian Park Police Academy and took the oath of office and loyalty oath and was sworn in as a

Los Angeles Police Officer.   Stinson has 30 + years of service with the LAPD and has worked a variety of assignments which includes eight years as a Drill Instructor and mentored close to 400 recruits.  Currently, he is assigned to Operations-South Bureau, Criminal Gang – Homicide Division as a Gang Intervention Liaison.  Prior to accepting this assignment Stinson Brown’s only son, Stinson Ameer Brown was murdered without provocation on July 17, 2009, after returning to a house party in Baldwin Hills to pick up a friend who was stranded.

Though Stinson’s’ life has been changed indelibly forever he still finds time to mentor young men between the ages of 11 to 19 years of age through his non-profit BrotherIIBrother.  He also on occasion gets asked to speak at gang funerals and attend candlelight vigils to inspire and encourage bereaved families.  Stinson believes that the Lord has given him a ministry for young men as he shares his testimony on how he forgave the young man that murdered his only son and chose to live a life that fosters unconditional love, peace, and living life to its full potential.  Upon retirement on June 1st, He plans on consulting with other Law Enforcement agencies, completing his first book, and working with his non-profit

Conversations w/Collette & Corliss
5:00-6:00 PST

Shine w/ Shondale
5:00-6:00 PST

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