Ms. Sisi: Dean Of Evergreen State College Dr. Marcia Tate Arunga “The Stolen Ones”

Join Ms. Sisi in her talk with Dr. Marcia Tate Arunga Dean of Evergreen State College in Washington State. In her children’s book called, “The Stolen Ones And How They Were Missed“, Dr. Arunga will discuss with us how to talk to children about Black lives being stolen from their homeland. We will also discuss her time as a Black Panther member serving along with Elmer and Aaron Dixon in the Seattle Chapter.

The Stolen Ones: and How They Were Missed is a well-told, colorfully illustrated story about children about and for children.

There are many stories about Africans related to the slave experience for children. This book is a much-needed addition to children’s literature. The Stolen Ones, tells the young reader and the adults who read with them, about African American women going to Africa on a Cultural Reconnection and while there making a discovery that surprises and pleases them. The Stolen Ones is the story of Nia who is taken to a faraway home. The story does not follow the usual storyline of Nia’s slave experience the story tells what is happening at the village she was taken from. This is a wonderfully illustrated book. A must-add for all children’s literature collection. While reading the story of Nia, children and their parents learn Kiswahili words and interesting things about African village culture. The included glossary of the Kiswahili words allows them to study and learn these words.

The author Marcia Tate Arunga has placed the significance of Cultural Reconnection Missions into a format that allows young children to relate to how they are connected to a common ancestor with African children. The Illustrations by Isaiah Townsend will keep children and the adults who read with them flipping the pages of this book over and over. Sure to be a favorite for young readers of all ages.

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