The C.O.W.S. Romain Gary’s White Dog Part 5 #KwameTure

Thursday, August 20th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy hosts the 5th study session on Romain Gary’s White Dog. A White man born in eastern Europe, Gary piloted jets in World War II and authored a number of top selling french novels before committing suicide in 1980. We’ll discuss his 1970 global top-seller, White Dog – which is allegedly based on actual events. The book centers on a white German shepherd Gary finds while visiting the United States. The vagrant canine is beloved by Gary’s entire family and treated as part of the clan. But Gary quickly notices the hound becomes hostile and immediately attacks when black people appear. During last week’s session, Gary continues to castigate Stokely Carmichael. This critique is is literally hours and days following the assassination of Dr. King. Gary fails to offer insight on King’s – other than insisting that black riffraff like Carmichael taunted King as a sellout and “Uncle Tom.” In fact, Gary repeatedly hypothesizes if a black person killed Dr. King. He mocks the Black Panther Party as being nothing but loud violent rhetoric unsupported by action. Meanwhile, the Racist hound is no longer violent to black trainer, Mr. Keys. But, as Keys explains, the dog simply views the black trainer as his “house nigger”. He still growls at hopes to chomp another black people. There’s a striking moment where the dog escapes as discovers a black infant. Thankfully, the hound does not attack the appetizer-sized black baby.



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