Ms. Sisi: Grace LaJoy Henderson’s Search For Her Mother Turned Into Book Series

Join Ms. Sisi as she speaks with author Grace Lajoy Henderson. In 2018, Grace LaJoy Henderson from Kansas City, Missouri, finally located her mother that she had not seen or spoken to in almost 50 years. Now, in her new Finding Mother book series made up of 4 compelling memoirs, she reveals all the details of her incredible search, her story of losing hope, and her victory of finally finding and reuniting with her mom.

In the book series, she even uncovers what occurred after their reunion, along with the rollercoaster of related feelings. Readers are invited to join her in her amazing journey by reading the entire story.

The engaging 4-book series includes the following titles:

* Finding Mother After Five Decades: A Story of Hope
* Reuniting with Mother: A Story of Tenacity
* After the Reunion: A Story of Acceptance

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