Time For An Awakening Radio: Does Rev. Al Sharpton need to come clean about COINTELPRO Activities?

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Special guest political and social commentator Yvette Carnell of Breaking Brown joins the conversation tonight on Time For An Awakening Radio. The topic of discussion for tonight is “America’s number one civil rights activist”, the Rev. Al Sharpton. Records obtained by the website the Smoking Gun confirm that Rev. Sharpton was an FBI informant. Sharpton is said to have admitted to working for the FBI as an informant and recorded conversations with reputed mafia bosses.

Black activist associated with members of the 1960’s era Black Liberation Movement in the past have accused Sharpton of fishing for information on runaway enslaved African Assata Shakur and they recall Sharpton’s bugged briefcase they he is said to have used when recording mob figures for the FBI.

The hosts of Time For An Awakening with special guest Yvette Carnell will explore this explosive topic tonight.

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