The Black Talk Radio Network is a media platform that curates, cultivates, and produces media content in various formats specifically targeting the African-American, African, and African Diaspora audiences. It is an invitation-only platform and does not offer hosting or distribution services to the public. The platform has been ranked number one by Feedspot three years in a row in the categories of Black podcasts and African Diaspora podcasts.

The platform is managed by the NC-based non-profit media organization Black Talk Media Project. The BTMP was founded in 2008 to address a specific concern about the lack of authentic voices in media content that targets the Black community. It was also established safe digital spaces where Black people can engage in media creation.

BTMP assists individuals, organizations, and groups representing disempowered communities to establish platforms to replace the localized media that has been destroyed by corporate media conglomerates creating and maintaining monopolies in media production and distribution. Using the multitude of free and affordable software solutions and the internet, oppressed and depressed communities can at least give voice to their own thoughts and independent analysis on the issues impacting the village.

Contact Information
Black Talk Media Project
PO Box 65, Mt. Holly, NC

Phone or Text Msg: (704) 817-2161
Monday – Friday 11 am est to 7:00 pm est.


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  1. I recently listened to an old broadcast you did with Reneathia Tate. I have been looking for an available copy online and have been unable to find a print in stock. Do you know if I would be able to reach out to the author for a copy? I really find value in her work, and want to say thank you for introducing her work to our community through your broadcast. Thanks again for all of your contributions and efforts. P.E.A.C.E

    1. This platform has a number of broadcasters, some active some not, so which broadcaster are you referring to so you might be helped.

  2. I started my business because I wanted to share my passion for health, wellness and fitness with the world and create health literacy within the community. I created a Fitness, Wellness and Fashion hybrid to cultivate a healthier world. I believe that sometimes people live a life they don’t really want to and just get so used to living day to day in it. The pain of regret is far greater than the pain of discipline. I want to not only help people live a healthier life but to start loving themselves again!
    I was wondering what I have to do to be mentioned by you?

  3. Hi Sir, How can our Organisation come on your show to have discussions about our Community and what we can do to help them. My name is Noya… My email address noyabahtisrael Look forward to hearing from you.. Take care.. Noya

  4. Democrats expect black votes but they don’t respect black voters. They take us for granted. Biden keeps saying and bragging about how he has all the black votes. He comments frequently about South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, all Super Tuesday states and California as if he already knows he’ll get our votes. That’s rude and disrespectful. I don’t think that’s acceptable at all, we deserve respect. R E S P E C T

  5. I need information on starting a radio show in the Dfw area. So how can I get the information AND who do I need to speak with???

  6. i have a show already – who do i need speak to about working with your network?

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