Black Talk Radio Network is an internet radio station and podcast hosting platform founded in 2008 that provides premium engineering, broadcasting, and distribution services to content creators and clients worldwide. With a substantial social media presence and a wide network of distribution channels, we aim to offer high-quality podcasting and streaming solutions at competitive rates.

Black Talk Radio Network focuses on empowering diverse voices and helping our clients create professional thought-provoking content no matter their experience level in talk radio. We will soon offer a comprehensive range of services, including pre-program promotion, podcast editing, live broadcast engineering, and seamless distribution to popular podcast platforms. Stay Tuned as we develop and diversify our new service offerings.


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  1. I recently listened to an old broadcast you did with Reneathia Tate. I have been looking for an available copy online and have been unable to find a print in stock. Do you know if I would be able to reach out to the author for a copy? I really find value in her work, and want to say thank you for introducing her work to our community through your broadcast. Thanks again for all of your contributions and efforts. P.E.A.C.E

    1. This platform has a number of broadcasters, some active some not, so which broadcaster are you referring to so you might be helped.

  2. I started my business because I wanted to share my passion for health, wellness and fitness with the world and create health literacy within the community. I created a Fitness, Wellness and Fashion hybrid to cultivate a healthier world. I believe that sometimes people live a life they don’t really want to and just get so used to living day to day in it. The pain of regret is far greater than the pain of discipline. I want to not only help people live a healthier life but to start loving themselves again!
    I was wondering what I have to do to be mentioned by you?

  3. Hi Sir, How can our Organisation come on your show to have discussions about our Community and what we can do to help them. My name is Noya… My email address noyabahtisrael Look forward to hearing from you.. Take care.. Noya

  4. Democrats expect black votes but they don’t respect black voters. They take us for granted. Biden keeps saying and bragging about how he has all the black votes. He comments frequently about South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, all Super Tuesday states and California as if he already knows he’ll get our votes. That’s rude and disrespectful. I don’t think that’s acceptable at all, we deserve respect. R E S P E C T

  5. I need information on starting a radio show in the Dfw area. So how can I get the information AND who do I need to speak with???

  6. i have a show already – who do i need speak to about working with your network?

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