The most successful mass media campaign in the history of the United States involves slavery

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” - Adolf Hitler

By Scotty Reid

The system of racism based on supposed white supremacy that incorporated as the United States of America has been practicing slavery since 1776. This is an indisputable fact as a matter of law. The power to make and enforce laws to maintain legal slavery was granted to the U.S. Congress by the 13th Amendment of the Constitution in 1865 at the conclusion of the US Civil War. One could in fact say the Confederate states won a major victory in their supposed defeat. If one believes that maintaining a system of slavery was the Confederacy’s main war objective then one might be forced to acknowledge that the South won the war as human rights leader Malcolm X seemed to believe in his 1964 speech “The Ballot or The Bullet”.

In the very least, it seems logical to view the 13th Amendment in its proper context as a peace treaty between the North and South negotiated by members of the House and Senate after the South supposedly surrendered and finally approved by President Lincoln. The newspapers at the time did not publicize that the North and South had come to an agreement on criteria for permissible slavery as punishment for “crime” moving forward but what they told their readers and the rest of the world is the fairytale that a great sacrifice was made to bring an end to a great evil in America.

3-14-2015 7-03-51 PMThe lie that America abolished slavery is perhaps the most successful media propaganda campaign in the history of mass media. The campaign has been successful without a doubt because getting the masses of an entire planet to believe such a blatant lie is nothing short of astounding. The campaign to sell such a grand lie should be a case study for all students of marketing. Psychologists could write mountains of studies on the cognitive dissonance subjects may feel when they are confronted with the language of the 13th Amendment which clashes with a lifetime of programming that tells them the oft repeated lie “Lincoln freed the slaves”..

Some of America’s oldest and most “prestigious” universities with supposedly the greatest minds have taught millions of students that the 13th Amendment did indeed abolish slavery in 1865 so they have to be included in any study of how America was able to cover up the continuation of slavery. As of this day, academic professionals continue to engage in perhaps the greatest academic fraud ever perpetrated upon mankind and lie to students everyday in classrooms and lecture halls.

Much has been written about school districts in Texas rewriting the history and narrative of slavery in America but it seems they have plenty of company as every school district in America teaches their students a false history and narrative about slavery in America.

When you consider the grand scale of this 150 year old propaganda operation, it is easy to understand how the myth of America abolishing slavery has persisted. This 150 year old lie would certainly qualify as what Nazi leader Adolph Hitler described as the “Big Lie” whose regime devoted a lot of attention and resources to mass media propaganda.

3-14-2015 7-20-13 PM
“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” – Adolf Hitler

Whatever is permissible by the US Constitution presented as the supreme law of the land, is also permissible in the States so students are taught. The 13th Amendment explicitly granted the formerly Confederate States the means to institutionalize race based slavery through their state legislatures, law enforcement and courts immediately following the passage of the 13th Amendment. When one takes into account that statistical data today uniformly and consistently across this nation shows a clear pattern and practice of racism by law enforcement like that recently forced out into the open by Ferguson protesters,  one could rightly conclude that modern slavery is far more pervasive and accepted than it ever has been in the country’s 239 year old history.

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