The Hypocrisy of Trump’s Supporters & Conservatives: Selective Concern for Political Prisoners

By Scotty T. Reid

In the world of US politics, a recurring theme revolves around the “Deep State” and allegations of corruption within government institutions as often raised by certain segments of the Republican base. Supporters of former President Donald Trump have been vocal about their distrust of these institutions, decrying what they perceive as a shadowy cabal of bureaucrats working against the interests of the American people. However, a striking hypocrisy emerges when one examines their attitudes towards US held non-white political prisoners and their often selective silence on historical injustices such as the FBI’s COINTELPRO program which also targeted white leftist organizations. This article delves into the contradictions between their professed concerns and their actions, shedding light on the erasure of Black history which ismof course US history and the alarming willingness to support convicted white supremacists who engaged in a seditious conspiracy.

Selective Concern for Political Prisoners

Many Trump supporters have been vocal about perceived political bias and corruption within government agencies. They frequently accuse the so-called “Deep State” of undermining the democratic process and violating individual rights. While it’s essential to scrutinize the actions of government institutions, their selective concern for political prisoners raises questions.

One glaring example is the lack of support for individuals targeted for their political beliefs and anti-war and anti-racist stances, the majority of whom were nonwhite. Despite claims of championing liberty and justice, their advocacy often stops short when it comes to these marginalized voices.

COINTELPRO and the Erasure of Black History

The COINTELPRO program, orchestrated by the FBI under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover, is a dark chapter in American history. It was a covert operation aimed at surveilling, discrediting, and disrupting civil rights activists, Black Panthers, and other progressive movements. The program’s actions are now widely recognized as a violation of civil liberties and a gross overreach of governmental power.

However, it’s disheartening that many conservative Senators and Representatives have never openly denounced COINTELPRO or acknowledged its role in suppressing legitimate dissent, especially within Black communities. This selective amnesia perpetuates the erasure of Black history and the struggles endured by those who fought for civil rights.

Pardoning the Proud Boys: A Troubling Endorsement

Perhaps the most recent example of this hypocrisy lies in the support for those convicted in connection with the January 6th insurrection. Among them are members of the Proud Boys, a domestic terrorism group with clear white supremacist ties. These individuals were found guilty of sedition-related charges in their support of Donald Trump’s alleged scheme to overturn the 2020 elections.

It is deeply troubling that prominent conservative figures, including potential presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, have expressed a willingness to pardon individuals involved in an act of domestic terrorism. Such a stance sends a dangerous message that condones violence and undermines the rule of law.

Conclusion: Hypocrisy 

The hypocrisy displayed by some of Donald Trump’s supporters and Republican politicians is a glaring contrast to their professed concerns about corruption within the “Deep State” or professed love for the “rule of law”. The selective support for political prisoners, the silence on historical injustices like COINTELPRO, and the willingness to pardon white supremacists reveal a troubling inconsistency in their principles. To truly advocate for justice and equality, it is crucial to extend concern and support to all political prisoners, acknowledge past injustices, and condemn acts of domestic terrorism regardless of the perpetrators’ political leanings. Failure to do so perpetuates a divisive narrative that undermines the foundations of this so-called democracy.

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  1. Revolution,is thinking Reality into
    Existence; acting on that space created
    by Oppression, to create a new space, void of anti-human behavior…This is how Afrikan thought communes with the Ancestors to bring balance/harmony back to Nature!!!

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