Georgia Prosecutors Link Trump’s Team to Voting System Breach

by Scotty T. Reid, BTRN – According to CNN, prosecutors in the Atlanta area possess text messages and emails linking members of former President Donald Trump’s legal team to the January 2021 breach of the voting system in Coffee County. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is preparing to present charges against over a dozen individuals to a grand jury, and several of them are connected to this voting system breach.

Sources claim that this breach was not merely the act of fervent Trump supporters in Coffee County, where Trump secured nearly 70% of the vote. Instead, evidence suggests it was orchestrated by Trump’s team attempting to access sensitive voting software.

Furthermore, the breach in Coffee County is a significant area of investigation for Willis. Evidence shows Trump’s lawyers, with their operatives, aimed to access the voting systems before January 6, 2021, searching for widespread fraud evidence to challenge Joe Biden’s victory.

A former Trump official disclosed to the House January 6 select committee about White House meetings discussing plans to access Georgia’s voting systems. Notably, an Oval Office meeting on December 18, 2020, that included Trump.

Texts obtained by CNN revealed that, just days before the breach, attorney Katherine Friess, working alongside Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, shared a “written invitation” to scrutinize Coffee County’s voting systems. This invitation was shared with Sullivan Strickler, a firm hired by Trump’s legal team.

Evidence hints at Giuliani’s involvement in the Coffee County breach, though his attorney, Robert Costello, denies these allegations. Notably, Giuliani was discussed as “the Mayor” in communications between Trump-aligned individuals and operatives.

Concerning Coffee County, after Election Day, the top election official, Misty Hampton, claimed that Dominion voting machines could be manipulated, an assertion that has been debunked. Hampton later stalled the certification of Biden’s win in Georgia and released a video asserting issues with Dominion’s system. This video was used by Trump’s attorneys, including Giuliani, to bolster their claims of voting system anomalies.

Lastly, CNN reports that Coffee County was mentioned in draft executive orders about confiscating voting machines discussed in a December 2020 Oval Office meeting. Giuliani had hinted at a plan to gain “voluntary access” to machines in Georgia during the same meeting.

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