BTR News – Empowering Workers: Protecting Rights and Speaking Out with Chiquita Hall-Jackson

Join us for a thought-provoking and empowering episode of Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid as we delve into the world of labor rights and workplace empowerment with renowned Employment Attorney, Chiquita Hall-Jackson. In our engaging conversation titled “Empowering Workers: Protecting Rights and Speaking Out with Chiquita Hall-Jackson,” we explore the critical issues affecting today’s workforce and the strategies to stand up against injustice. In an era where labor activism is on the rise, we take a deep dive into the inspiration behind Chiquita’s mission as the ‘Discrimination Disruptor.’ Discover the driving force behind her journey to founding Hall-Jackson and Associates, P.C., and her tireless commitment to protecting workers’ rights.

Labor Day has long been a symbol of acknowledging the contributions of the American workforce. However, with the recent surge in strikes, we ask Chiquita to shed light on the key factors driving this increase in worker activism.

Chiquita’s groundbreaking movement, “Blow The Whistle Law,” is transforming how employees confront wrongdoing in the workplace. Learn how this movement empowers individuals to report misconduct fearlessly, knowing they are protected by the Whistleblower Act.

But what about the persistent fear of retaliation? Chiquita explains how the Whistleblower Act offers crucial protection and shares invaluable insights on how workers can overcome their apprehensions to speak out.

Throughout the interview, we explore the five signs of workplace retaliation and their real-world manifestations in various work environments, providing listeners with a practical understanding of these critical issues.

With recent events like the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Affirmative Action impacting diversity in higher education, Chiquita discusses her concerns about potential challenges to workers’ rights. We delve into the current landscape of labor rights in the United States and the obstacles that may lie ahead.

Chiquita emphasizes the importance of the “See Something, Say Something” approach, highlighting that not all employees are aware of their rights. Discover how organizations can better educate their workforce about whistleblower protections and their rights, fostering a culture of transparency.

As an Employment Attorney, Chiquita shares her expertise on effective strategies for employers to create workplaces that encourage open communication and discourage retaliation. We address the pervasive issues of workplace bullying and harassment and explore how companies can create a safe environment for employees to report such behavior without fearing backlash.

Throughout the interview, Chiquita shares success stories from her work, where employees have blown the whistle and successfully protected their rights without facing retaliation, inspiring others to take a stand.

Labor activism has a rich historical legacy, and we discuss how workers and their advocates can effectively harness this heritage to advocate for modern workplace improvements.

As the “Discrimination Disruptor,” Chiquita imparts valuable advice to individuals currently facing workplace injustices but are hesitant to step forward and take action, offering a beacon of hope and guidance.

Join us for this eye-opening and empowering episode as we explore the path to empowering workers, protecting their rights, and speaking out against injustice with the remarkable Chiquita Hall-Jackson. Don’t miss “Empowering Workers: Protecting Rights and Speaking Out with Chiquita Hall-Jackson” on BTR News.


Chiquita Hall-Jackson, a licensed attorney and adjunct law professor, is the visionary behind the Blow The Whistle Law movement and the founder of Top Employment Law Firm Hall-Jackson & Associates P.C. As the first Black president of the National Employment Lawyers Association and a seven-time recipient of the “Top 40 Under 40” award, Chiquita’s unwavering drive stems from her belief that every workplace should be a diverse and inclusive environment where employees can feel safe and empowered to be their authentic selves. Dubbed the “Discrimination Disruptor,” her personal experiences of workplace injustices combined with her mother’s career as a Juvenile Correctional Officer, have inspired her to fight relentlessly for workers’ rights. Chiquita’s mission is furthered through corporate DEI training, employer equity consulting, speaking engagements, and education of inner-city youth on their legal rights.


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