V2V: Innocent Faces: Children Shot in Safe Places

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Victims 2 Victorious or V2V is a weekly digital radio broadcast and podcast that raises awareness about the public health issue of community gun violence. The host and special guests will look at a few news stories over the past week related to incidents of gun violence in the African-American community specifically and the United States in general.

The goal is to promote a conversation with those who are actively working on the issue of gun violence and/or interested in obtaining data-driven information drawn from Public Health Models.


Host Angel Fall began her activism and advocacy at 14 years old reading for the blind and as a graduate student at the University of Connecticut, she was nominated to the operations board of the NPR affiliate WHUS. Angel is dedicated to utilizing the media to inform and elicit change.

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One Reply to “V2V: Innocent Faces: Children Shot in Safe Places”

  1. Greetings,

    I came across your podcast site and wanted to know if you did Book Reviews or Book Spotlights? This is a book recommendation (if you accept them); hopefully you will consider it and see if it would be of interest for discussion and recommendation with your audience.

    As The Chasm Grows… (The Black HipHop & Black-American Cultural Contrast)

    I am a native of Virginia Beach, VA and looking to start a real discussion on the different cultural aspects that impact the Black Community.

    I’m open to any questions, discussion or feedback you may have, feel free to contact me for more information.

    Thanks for your time.

    Wesley N. Chase

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