The Black Reality Think Tank is a historical research network. It is designed to provide researched information and discussion on African history in the diaspora and on the continent. It is also designed to teach, inform, and empower A/A community leaders This information is the lifeblood for survival.

It is the story, journey, and survival blueprint of our ancestors. Through our radio program and social media tools, we present well-researched facts and evidential proof that will assist the community in constructing meaningful agendas and setting realistic program goals and objectives. We support the philosophy that comes from the wisdom of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, “all of history is a current event.”

The goal and objective of the Black Reality Think Tank are to understand the past, dissect the present, and support implementing a meaningful future. We believe and promote the idea that “you will never know where you are going unless you understand from whence you came”.

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Black Talk Radio Network
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