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The C.O.W.S. Radio Program is specifically engineered for black & non-white listeners – Victims of White Supremacy. The purpose of this program is to provide Victims of White Supremacy with constructive information and suggestions on how to counter Racist Woman & Racist Man.


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48 Replies to “The Context of White Supremacy”

  1. The live feed on here is not operating and the itunes feed doesnt work at all. Please fix for those that want to tune/call in.

  2. I have a question about when you say that we should ask a lot of questions. Could you be more specific about what questions should be ask, because white people hate black people asking a lot of questions. When you are in a war why would your opponent welcome you in asking questions about their strategy? So that makes no sense to say that a black person should ask a lot of questions. Also, that alarms white people when a black person is asking a lot of questions. If we do ask questions they need to be very precise and specific to your work and you had better be able to back up why you ask every last question. In addition to my comment I have a question about why I notice that every employment position that I have had the workplace has always been full of confusion. I have enough sense to know that nothing goes on unless some white supremacist wants it to go on. So I can conclude that white people want the workplace to be a very confusing environment for black people. I then had an ah ha moment where I realized and this is just my quess is that the reason for the confusion is because when they practice racism on a black person the more confusion the harder it is for the black person to make a logical argument about how racism is being practiced on them. So my question would be how could I minimize if not get rid of all confusion as it pertains to the sphere in which I perform my job.

  3. Black First I’m just saying thank you for tonight deep and powerful broadcast is indeed in my opinion a true classic interview is truth be told the truth and food for thought. (B1 MAY15,2019)

  4. Didn’t realize the show changed from Thursday’s to Wednesday…I heard you discuss changing the Book Club to Thursday’s.

  5. The most constructive broadcast on the planet for becoming less confused about racism white supremacy.

  6. This race thing it gets deeper and deeper for me whites taking advantage of how mentally beaten down most of us are also using us anyway they see fit we are just puppets to these folks I fight everyday to block out there extreme deceptive system

    1. Very good points, and understand that what we face is very real. Keep studying and learn yourstory to pass on to our Children. Peace

  7. Could you post the song names of the music clips that you are using? Please! Especially the independent artist.
    Thank You!!

  8. Scotty Reid. I love you. Please keep up the great work, you and your staff. And thank you for presenting Thando Radio with the MAN, David Wren. Wren much love — keep on blessing and teaching us all.

  9. Dr. Welsing (4-12-15) was fantastic as usual. I hope she has trained a professional following to continue and expand her concepts. Of particular interest is her comparison of the black situation in this country today with the European situation under the Nazis during the 1930s and 40s “Operation Paperclip” rescued many of these Nazis and brought them to the U.S. after the 2nd World War. These people influenced every aspect of American life. The recent shooting in North Charleston and the public lynching in Staten Island are obvious Nazi SS tactics. Viewed in this historical context, President Obama is the Leon Blum and black people are the “untermensch” of the 21st century.

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    1. The African and European peoples cannot live in the same community. We need to separate and creat mono-cultures. Africans can then assess their qualities and build a first class society

      1. I have never heard a truer word, Floyd. The reaction of Africans and Europeans is mostly (but not always) abrasive, and we would be much happier apart. In such a situation, mutual respect and co-operation could finally exist.
        I am a European living in Europe but that does not mean that I have no empathy where the African is concerned. I am in no way the Black Man’s curse – a white liberal snowflake.

      1. There is only white supremacy.
        White supremacy led to separation.
        Swirl=white supremacy.
        Hopeless is thinking that sex between whites and non-whites will equal justice.


  14. It is interesting how it all broke down when you stated and I have read enough articles that proves that in fact White women have benefited quite well from Affirmative action whether they dominated or not. Dr. Lucas could not entertain it which I found really interesting especially, since you said on the previous day show wrap up that this is how White people become when they disagree with an argument. She said ” I am a teacher” and teachers correct when someone is wrong….Wow!

  15. The past two interviews were extremely insightful. I enjoyed listening to the Rap Artist, Joyner Lucus speaking about his experiences. As well as the questions from the listeners. Also the author Dr. Linda Gordon’s interview is a tremendous work and great contribution to understanding White Supremacy. She hit on it so clearly the correlation between money and race politics still today. Also how White Women have largely been ignored as co-conspirators with their men in establishing and maintaining White Supremacy.

  16. Any person that relates themselves to a color white is definitely promoting racism an white racism into the system if they admit it or not . They have officially classified an related to the same system that wants to control an promote their whiteness racist. Whiteness says i am superior .

    1. I know that’s right! I am under the same impression….when I heard that Oprah said she had wished she was white…I took that as her saying I hate black people…to me, when someone classified themselves as white,they inenvertintly profess their hatred for blacks. The definition of whiteness is the act of being at odds with blackness,war against blackness aka practicing racism..

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