Black groups calling for peace in 2014

January 7, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

During 2013, the headlines were filled with stories about senseless murders in Chicago and communities across the country. To kick off 2014, a coalition of Black nationalists and Black anti-violence groups , community activists and artists has started a campaign “Black Power/Black Peace. The goal is simple; to stop black blood from spilling on the concrete in ‘hoods across America.
The coalition which consists of The Messianic Afrikan Nation, The New Black Panther Party, members of the Militant Mind Movement, Change Your Posture and others, are asking people to make Public Service Announcements against Black on Black violence and post on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc, under the hashtag #blackpowerblackpeace. Also, they are asking Hip Hop and spoken word artists to lend their voices to stopping the violence. .

The coalition is also asking the Black scholars to come together to develop what the late Dr. Bobby E. Wright called a ‘Black Social Theory” to stop Black on Black violence.

Join us tonight on Militant Minded Radio for a frank discussion on the issue.

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