OTM: Spartanburg Sheriff ran racist jail with Klan deputies

Listen NowJanuary 10, 2014 – 5:00PM EST

Is Spartanburg South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright a racist? Are there Klansmen working at the county jail? Yes according to A lawsuit filed by a former detention officer. The sheriff says its not true. Tune in today Live at Five to Occupy The Microphone sponsored in part by Yellow Mama Music!


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One Reply to “OTM: Spartanburg Sheriff ran racist jail with Klan deputies”

  1. Spartanburg county jail is a ran by a bunch of racist rednecks..I just did a year there and I was abused everyday while in segregation..the things I seen going on in that jail open my eyes to a new form of racisim..even the black correctional officer where acting in concert with the white racist pigs..

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