Political Prisoner Radio: What you are not hearing from the corporate media about CoIntelpro


January 12, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

The FBI’s illegal spying program that targeted leftist and Black revolutionaries is making fresh headlines after the activists who broke into a FBI office and stole documents which would blew the lid off J Edgar Hoover’s CointelPro, have revealed themselves to the public. Much is being written and talked about in relation to the illegal spying program but important elements are being left out of the mainstream press’s “reporting”.

Ed Poindexter & Monda We Langa (David Rice being charged for murder they did not commit.
Ed Poindexter & Mondo We Langa (David Rice) being charged for murder they did not commit. The two are have been referred to as the last CoIntelpro defendants.

There are new developments in the case of the former Black Panthers known as the Nebraska Two.  We will update you on that case and others. Ed Poindexter and Mondo We Langa were set up for the killing of a police officer and it appears that the officer was killed by other cops just to frame Ed and Mondo just like in the MOVE 9 case as well as the Assata Shakur case. CointelPro goes beyond the FBI and it’s legacy and tactics remain intact codified under the Patriot Act.

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