BTR News: Marlin Adams discusses crowd funding Black infrastructure

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January 17, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

Guest: Marlin L. Adams, Culturalpreneur, has many years of experience in business as an attorney, film distributor, producer and essayist. Marlin coined the term “cultural grassroots” in the mid 1990’s as VP of Legal/Business Affairs for KJM3 Entertainment Group, the independent film distribution company behind the success of Julie Dash’s, “Daughters of the Dust”, and Raoul Peck’s, “Man By The Shore”.

We will discuss the mission of, crowd funding and Black people building an infrastructure of self-sufficiency with Mr. Adams.

After we speak with Mr. Adams, I will delve into the recent story of Kanye West tracking down and allegedly beating an 18 yr old white male who earlier had allegedly called Kim Kardashian a nigger lover. Kanye appears to need a serious intervention as he has demonstrated as of late that he does not understand the system of white supremacy and may be headed for a hard fall. Further more, using physical violence to attack people who call you a name or someone you care about is not the type of behavior that our youth or anyone should emulate.

Black people more than anyone should be fighting to get Net Neutrality rules put back in place since a panel of judges struck down the current rules. The Color of Change has a petition that people can sign but I doubt many of us know how important this fight is until they can not access their favorite independent Black blogs and websites not controlled by the white media corporations. Here is another petition from Fight for the Future.

I also want to discuss my recent blog post on why I decided against buying a big bag of weed, walk into a police department, turn myself in, and challenge the constitutionality of drug laws through the courts. However, it appears that someone in my state of North Carolina decided to do just that, sort of.

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