K-Rahn is helping youth live above the influence and “Chozen”, a new distortion of Hip Hop

1-21-2014 3-47-42 PM

January 21, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

Much of Hip Hop is designed to dumb our young people down and corrupt their morality. Militant Minded Radio will be joined tonight by solution provider K-Rahn Vallatine the author of a new Hip Hop curriculum designed for our youth. K-Rahn Vallatine currently offers several youth empowering services that will help enhance essential life skills in our next generation.

LIVING ABOVE THE INFLUENCE: A Hip Hop Based Life Skills Curriculum has a main objective of inspiring thought and generate dialogue between adults and youth regarding issues faced, and values held, by many young people in urban city communities.

A new example of the attack on youth via what is passing itself off as Hip-Hop, is a new cartoon series called “Chozen” which recently premiered on the cable channel FX. “Chozen” is a white gay rapper who was set up and wrongfully convicted and sent to prison for crimes committed by a black rapper who is his nemesis. The episode showed a drunken and high “Chozen” at a party sitting on the couch masturbating and threatened to rape a male guest of the party thrown by his sister. If you have any thoughts on “Chozen” or the participation of Method Man in this garbage, feel free to call in and chime in with your thoughts.

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