The US government to cut food assistance to the poor again

Bobby SealBy Scotty Reid

Before there was a SNAP/Food Stamp program distributed through EBT, The Black Panther Party for Self Defense community survival programs existed and they distributed the food by hand. The Panthers were of course destroyed through CointelPro and the US Govt adopted many of their programs.

The US Govt cut SNAP benefits in November of 2013 and are about to make another round of cuts while subsidizing big Agriculture (Food Corporations). The US Government did not care if the poor went hungry in the first place, they just wanted to destroy the Panthers so as they could not teach and influence people about this corrupt system nor practice Black self reliance and self-protection from these killer cops of America.

It is obvious that neither party, Republicans or Democrats care about the working poor today and they are both solely in the pockets of multinational corporations. That is how capitalism really works, he who has the capital owns the politicians who pass the laws that benefit he who has the capital who then gains even more capital on the backs of the working poor.

I guess now that they have assassinated, imprisoned and otherwise destroyed the Panthers and national Black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. who was moving towards the Panther’s political positions before he was assassinated by the US Government, feel comfortable enough to start letting the people starve as they continue to redistribute the wealth to the wealthiest families in the world.

Like Rev. Jeremiah Wright said, “Goddamn America”! That includes you Red, White and Blue African-AMERICANS and your Black faces in high places going along with the corrupt capitalist program. We need to bring back the community survival programs championed by Black leaders past.

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