BTR News: Black political prisoner’s case challenging “cruel and unusual punishment” moves forward

Russell Maroon Shoats

United States District Magistrate for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Cynthia Reed Eddy ruled this week that political prisoner and Black freedom fighter Russell Maroon Shoatz’s case challenging his 22 consecutive years in solitary confinement as “cruel and unusual punishment” violating the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution may move forward. The State of Pennsylvania which is also holding Black liberation activists like Mumia Abu Jamal and members of the MOVE family known as the MOVE 9, sought to have Shoatz’s case thrown out of court.

 Media Matters

Media Matters, a left wing propaganda outlet that bills itself as a watchdog of right wing media is playing its role in distracting the masses from the real scandal that occurred in Libya when the United States along with its NATO allies with the backing of the United Nations, invaded Libya under the false pretense of protecting civilians by way of a “humanitarian” military action. Certainly, the right wing media is keeping conservatives focused on the manufactured scandal concerning the killing of US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens who helped coordinate the killing of Libyan head of state Muammar Gaddafi and left wing media is keeping the liberals focused on the fake scandal promoted by conservatives with the same goal of distracting everyone from the truth of the matter. A very good article was published in 2012 that details the United States using covert actions on the continent of Africa and of course, Libya is in Africa.

Exonerations of the wrongfully convicted are up in the United States, more than they have been in 25 years according to experts. The rise in the number of people being released after wrongful convictions is said to be due in part to prosecutors and cops willing to re-open old cases. The number one cause cited for wrongful convictions is official misconduct according to a report.

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