Nicki Minaj releases her latest rap track for self-hatin ass “Niggas”

Fake gangsta creation Nicki Minaj wants you believe she is some kind of militant revolutionary.
Do the fake gangsta creators of Nicki Minaj want you to believe she is some kind of militant revolutionary?

By Scotty Reid

Earlier this week on Militant Minded Radio hosted by Miami based hip-hop artist Yasin 360 Wise, a panel discussion was held on whether or not local radio stations are part of the communities in which they broadcast and whether or not they have a moral or ethical responsibility for the programming they push on the people of that community.

A question was asked about whether there is a difference between the messages of hate directed at the Black community through so-called hip-hop stations is any different from the messages of hate pushed by right wing political talk radio. Enter Nikki Minaj who has just released a new track called “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” which is yet another demonstration of the hate and ignorance being pushed by the big music labels on the youth. It is doubtful that the new track from Minaj will ever make the rotation of music station’s playlist because of its vulgar and obscene language but you never know.

First of all the title “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” is not original as another slave-ship-hop track that goes by the same name was released in 2007 by a group calling itself HotStylz. No word yet on whether or not Hotstylz plans to sue Minaj for the picking through their garbage and recycling it. You can find their video on YouTube on the DooDoo Records channel if you want to view it and compare garbage.

Nicki Minaj has stopped using this album art for her latest self-hatin ass nigga track.
Nicki Minaj has stopped using this album art for her latest self-hatin ass nigga track.

Activist on social media have been taking Minaj to task for using the image of Black Liberation icon Malcolm X to promote her new track. The album cover uses the iconic image of Malcolm X holding a rifle peering out his window standing watch for would be fire bombers who had made an earlier attempt to murder him and his entire family. Ironically, Malcolm was standing guard against Black on Black violence, as he believed the Nation of Islam was behind the attack that occurred after he had parted ways with the religious organization. He also spoke out against two Black groups warring with each other.

Nicki Minaj promotes Black on Black violence and hate on the track “Lookin Ass Niggas” and in the video for the single is seen holding and firing two black assault rifles. The entire track is filled with vulgar language promoting first-class hoetry, drug trafficking and hate for those who have not obtained the kind of federal reserve notes she has been rewarded as a high-profile puppet of those running the slave-ship-hop corporations. In other words, just what the puppeteers at Universal Music Group ordered from one of their slave-ship-hop “artists” like Minaj.

Update: Feeling the heat from Black people on social media, Minaj has removed the album artwork featuring Malcolm X.

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3 Replies to “Nicki Minaj releases her latest rap track for self-hatin ass “Niggas””

    1. You say that as if it is a bad thing, thinking too much? How can someone think to much? If anything, people don’t think enough. And what does that mean anyway “Get a life”, everyone alive has a life and live it everyday, see what I mean about people not thinking enough. that is a really dumb downed response to the subject matter. “Get a life” thats funny and a pathetic reply.

  1. Nicki Manaj is a lil’ confused. She’s jealous and bitter because Beyonce’ and Lupita Nyong have bumped her out of our collective consciousness. She couldn’t sell 20 albums at a Sign Language Convention. Kudos to Social Media for sending her back to the lab. If she wants to be relevant she’s got to change her message she’s got to inspire people not turn em’ off with stupidity.


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