Shareef Hameed: What our young people need to know about SYG

February 17, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

 Youth advocate and mentor Shareef Hameed returns to Black Talk Radio News to discuss what our young men and women of color need to understand about “Stand Your Ground”. After Bro. Hameed talks to us about the blatant racism in American jurisprudence, we will open the phone lines for comments concerning the overall violence our people face in the United States.

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3 Replies to “Shareef Hameed: What our young people need to know about SYG”

  1. Their perception is their reality but it is not the truth. I listen to your podcast and was disappointed in the minister when you read his commentary. I went and read his commentary myself–I’m not sure if he modified it or not. I will not overstay my welcome and you can delete my comments–it’s your world–I don’t mind. Below, I provide two links to inform you and others of “some” mind-sets we are dealing in this nation and maybe in the world. Yes, religion plays a role in their world of hate. Remember someone stated he was in “G-d’s Plan?” You possibly already know this … if not — please, study with a calm mind not anger. Everyone doesn’t think this way. Remember, we had help … no one is an island.

    Perception is Reality? The Southern Strategy? Hmm…

    “The Negro a Beast” … or … “In the Image of God” (1900)

    (Some are still teaching their children this wicked doctrine. They claim to be “Christians” and don’t believe in evolution except when it comes to black folks (people of color). If you are familiar with the Bible, you will notice certain strange doctrines. Again, not everyone thinks this way.)

    Is the Negro a Beast?: A Reply to Chas. Carroll’s Book Entitled “The Negro a Beast.” Proving … (1901)

    (This is a reply to Carroll’s doctrine.)

    I will leave you alone and hope you all the best. Stay strong.

    1. Thanks for the links. There is so much propaganda out there in many forms that create this false reality but I suspect unless they are just monsters, something inside of them should tell them when something is evil, something is not right, but some I guess despite knowing, just love being monsters.

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