The C.O.W.S. RACISM at South African Universities

Monday, February 17th 1:00PM Eastern/ 10:00AM Pacific


The Context of White Supremacy welcomes students from the University of Johannesburg live from South Africa. Millions of rand were cut from education, which has adversely impacted thousands of black and non-white South African Students. The South African Student Congress (SASCO) has been coordinating student demonstrations at numerous universities throughout the country. In January they called for peaceful protests in opposition to the exorbitant increases in tuition as well as cuts to students aid. 27 University of Johannesburg students were arrested and charged with public violence. Some of the students were suspended and denied access to university housing. Several SASCO members allege that University officials illegally monitored their social media accounts and conducted COINTELPRO-style surveillance. They also allege that University officials called them kaffirs and troublemakers. We’ll get their views on these events as well as the death of Nelson Mandela and the ongoing platinum mine strikes.

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