Spies of Mississippi with filmmaker and producer Dawn Porter

2-21-2014 4-11-44 PMFebruary 21, 2014

Filmmaker and producer Dawn Porter is the owner of Trilogy Films and recently produced a documentary film that takes you into the world of the White Supremacist power structure in the state of Mississippi that sought to keep Black people under white domination.

Spies of Mississippi is an eye opening documentary film that shows the extent that White Supremacist with power were willing to go to maintain the state system of White Supremacy during the civil rights movement.

The film is based on the records kept by the State Sovereignty Commission and its network of spies who infiltrated the Black community to disrupt the civil rights movement in Mississippi. These records are public and can be accessed online. Filmmaker and producer Dawn Porter discusses the making of the film and answers questions that have been raised by the information it reveals.

Update: It appears suspected racists at a PBS affiliated station; WETA TV 26 does not want this film to be seen by many of those within its viewing area. Earlier this month Dawn Porter published an open letter about the scheduling.

2-21-2014 6-15-50 PM After the interview, three African-American police officers in Dekalb County, Georgia terrorized teens along with the participation of a white officer. One Officer in particular, Q. Dejuan Hudson perjured himself in court which resulted in a Black teen being wrongly convicted and sent to prison for youth for two years but it gets worse.

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  1. Thank you Ms. Porter and Mr. Reid.
    I think it time we preach-reach our youth–because the are not being train–taught about the real world they are living in. When that young woman believed that murderer was defending himself, when the evidence and the testimonies stated otherwise, Houston we have major problems. We are not going be here or young forever… Think about it.

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