Parents of Jordan Davis express disappointment with prosecution handling of murder trial

2-25-2014 2-03-18 PMThe parents of Jordan Davis, the teenager gunned down by Michael Dunn at a Jacksonville, Florida gas station are frustrated with how the prosecution handle the murder trial, which ended in a hung jury on charges related to their son’s murder. They were also frustrated that they were told not to show emotion during the trial but that Michael Dunn was able to show his emotions while telling how and why he shot the unarmed teen that he claimed put him in fear for his life.

Florida will retry Dunn on 1st Degree murder charges for the killing but the parents of Jordan Davis believe this time around the jurors need to hear about the life of their son.

Ron Davis said, “We need to show Jordan’s pictures and talk about who he was, I think they could do a better job of that. Michael Dunn got to tell his story; it would be nice to tell the next jury about my son.”

Judge Russell Healey before the proceedings started issued a warning to those in attendance, including the family members of Davis and Dunn and stated that emotional outbursts would not be tolerated.

However, as pointed out my Jordan Davis’s mother, Lucia McBath, the man who murdered her son got to express emotion when he testified and at one point broke down in tears while talking about his dog.

McBath said, “To him Jordan was not a human being, He cared more about his dog than Jordan, and I say that as a dog person.”

McBath also said the prosecution did not want to put a grieving mother on the stand but wants to take the stand in the retrial to talk about her son. Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey has taken a lot of heat over the prosecution’s performances in not only the Dunn murder case but also that of George Zimmerman, another man who was not found guilty by a jury of murdering a black teen in Florida.

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