The C.O.W.S. w/ Cannabis in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, February 27th 7:00PM Eastern/ 4:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Washington, D. C. Councilmember Yvette M. Alexander. Councilmember Alexander has been a member of the Council of the District of Columbia since 2007. She chaired the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs from 2009 through 2010 and the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs from 2011 through 2012. Presently, she serves as Chair of the Committee on Health and is responsible for oversight of Department of Health, Department of Health Care Finance, Department of Behavioral Health, Health Professions and Boards and Licensing. The momentum to legalize and/or decriminalize cannabis has hit the nation’s capitol. During a recent DC Council vote, Ms. Alexander was the lone opponent to relaxing punitive cannabis laws. She suggested that decriminalization “will increase more attraction to this area for the sale of drugs. Because the purchase of drugs has little to no repercussion.” We’ll see what evidence she has to support this claim, and we’ll get her response to critics who claim she is misinformed and perpetuating laws that adversely impact black DC citizens.

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2 Replies to “The C.O.W.S. w/ Cannabis in Washington, D.C.”

  1. This whole cannabis thing is tricky. I don’t trust anything that the Gov’t has a hand in . If the Gov;t chooses to decriminalize it then just decriminalize it and make it Nation wide with no taxes and no workplace drug testing for it and no DUI’s for it….To me its all or nothing.

  2. Will most definitely catch the podcast to hear what evidence she has that not punishing Black people for possession of a plant “will increase more attraction to this area for the sale of drugs. Because the purchase of drugs has little to no repercussion.”.

    If there has been no “repercussions”, how does she explain those people in jails and prisons and/or being fined real money?

    Should be a very interesting program, wish I could hear it live but will be preoccupied with another program.

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