Kim Kardashian allegedly assaulted by 81 yr-old billionaire and racially insulted by ball guest

Kim Kardashian
When dealing with the Kardashians, you have to be careful in reporting any “news” because “realty” is sometimes scripted. However, Kim Kardashian was accused of not sticking to the script when she attended a Vienna Opera Ball on the arm of 81-year-old billionaire Richard Lugner. Lugner reportedly paid $500,000.00 for Kim Kardashian to be his date for the ball. The billionaire has in the past paid questionable amounts of money to young women, particularly women with high media profiles, to attend the event.

Lugner complained to the media that Kim Kardashian would not dance with him but instead told him that she would watch him dance with her mother Kris Jenner who doubles as her “manger”. Lugner reportedly grabbed the young reality show celebrity and tried to convince her to ditch her security detail to be alone with him. However, that was not the only shocking incident of the night for Kim Kardashian.

According to media reports, a male staff member of the Vienna Opera Ball approached Kim Kardashian in black face and asked her to dance while pretending to be Kanye West whom Kim shares a child. When Kim Kardashian refused to entertain the blacked faced staff member, the staff member reportedly said he wanted the orchestra to play “Ni**as in Vienna” playing off of West’s song “Ni**as in Paris”.

Apparently, cameras were in tow filming parts for the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” but it has not been revealed if any of the incidents were captured and if it will air on the show. Representatives for the Kardashians had no comment.

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