Are Republican Governors running death panels choosing what districts have access to hospitals?

Sarah PalinThe Daily Caller, a political blog edited by conservative Tucker Carlson, does not want its readers to believe that the recent rash of hospital closures is because Republican Governors have decided to cut off federal funding to their respective states by rejecting Medicaid expansion. It seems Sarah Palin’s death panel predictions have come somewhat true.

The Supreme court, in response to lawsuits challenging the Affordable Care Act ruled that States could reject Medicaid expansion but otherwise had to comply with the law.

Some GOP Governors saw this loophole as a way to undermine implementation of the new healthcare law and as a result, hospitals in red states like Georgia are closing their doors. By denying Medicaid expansion to the uninsured, there are not enough insured healthcare clients to cover the cost of running area hospitals.

It seems pretty heartless to put everyone in a district at risk by closing hospitals to make a senseless political stand. Many people of all socioeconomic backgrounds in rural areas will have to drive long distances to get emergency medical attention. Depending upon the injury or illness, time spent driving could reduce their chances of survival.

Sarah Palin Death Panels

Are not these the “death panels” former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin often spoke of? It is funny how Republicans seem to be the ones in charge of the death panels deciding who is worthy of healthcare based on their poverty level..

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