Tanya Free & Friends Talk Show 3/5/2014

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March 5, 2015

Join us for a Special Edition of “Tanya Free and Friends On Point”. These are the conversations that go on and on in the studio after the show. If you ever wondered what happens during the breaks and after the show, this is a chance for you to listen in. Enjoy the conversations that didn’t make it on air!

  •  Filmmaker Spike Lee made news last week with his public criticism of gentrification, when middle class residents displace low income residents. Statistics indicate that many of these communities become safer and improve over time. Is gentrification good for the inner cities?
  •  The state of Georgia joined eight other states including Virginia with the release of a new specialty license tag that features the Confederate battle flag, inflaming civil rights advocates and renewing a debate on what images should appear on state-issued materials.

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