Racist outrage explodes on social media in wake of new Black “Annie” character

A new film adaptation of the comic strip Little Orphan Annie is raising the ire of racist fans of the comic strip and broadway musical who are upset that the lead fictional character is being played by child actor Quvenzhané Wallis. Racist comments about the ethnicity of Wallis peppered the video promo posted on Youtube as well as the social media website Twitter under the hashtag “annie movie”.

The original comic strip appeared in 1894 and featured a red haired white Little Orphan Annie which has caused some white people to proclaim that they will not stand for it.

Twitter Racism at Annie

 It is probably a safe assumption that those upset over Little Orphan Annie getting a melanin injection are not the type of people who have a problem with a European looking Jesus being depicted in films.


If their concern is historical accuracies then the film Son of God would not have been the big box office smash that it was with a European Jesus because if one was to go by the Biblical setting of the time period, he would not have looked like the European Roman soldiers occupying the land and instead looked more like the oppressed melanated people who have historically lived in that region of northern Africa.

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One Reply to “Racist outrage explodes on social media in wake of new Black “Annie” character”

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but personally I am totally over & done with ANY propaganda filth that comes out of Hollywood, Broadway, the music industry, “reality” TV, fake TV, and anything else these wicked people create to try and destroy our minds. If white people want their precious Annie character, let them have it! It is all just mind-control programming and psychic violence inflicted on the psyche and cognitive processing capabilities of us all, especially Black (African) people. I don’t need to see Black people singing and dancing in fake stories to feel good about myself. There is enough actual intrigue going on in the real world to keep anybody enthralled for a life time. And as for the children, there are enough interesting stories from African history to stimulate the imagination of any child. Turn this crap OFF!

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