There is no intent to help mother who tried to kill herself and children

New details are emerging that show the mother who tried to kill herself and her children is most likely not mentally fit to stand trial and in fact, should not have been charged in the first place. An officer who pulled Ebony Wilkerson over as she drove down the highway stated that he believed she suffered from a mental illness but after talking to a detective was convinced to let her go as she had not committed a crime and there was no legal way he could detain her.

That is contrary to what Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said in a press conference after Wilkerson and her children were rescued from the surf as he painted a portrait of a woman in full control of her mental faculties who hatched a diabolical plan to murder her children.

Wilkerson has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, one for each child, as well as child abuse charges and is being held on a $1.2 million dollar bond.

There are several reports that Wilkerson was a battered wife and may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is seen as the number one cause of military veterans killing themselves and that she spoke of “Jesus” and “demons” being in her sister’s home that dialed 911 requesting a “wellness check”.

Sheriff Ben Johnson claims that getting Wilkerson “in the system” is a way to get her the help that she needs which conflicts with his statement that she is not mentally ill. If a nation does not care enough to help its military veterans get the mental help they need, it is very likely that there is no intent to help Wilkerson. The intent of Volusia County authorities is to prosecute and imprison this obviously mentally distressed mother.

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